The infamous blog

    After a lot of contemplating, I decided to take the advice of family and friends to start a blog to chronicle my journey with P.O.T.S. It was a hard decision to let myself be completely raw and open with my experiences. I am usually not the type to talk about the "bad stuff" so this is something that is totally new for me. When I first got sick I started reading blogs written by people living with P.O.T.S and other chronic illnesses . Joining online support groups and reading stories that people shared made me feel like I was part of a community of people who could understand exactly what I was going through. My goal is for this blog to provide the same support to my readers . I also would like to use this forum as a platform to spread awareness and to keep friends and family in the loop . Check out the MY STORY tab at top of the page to get to know me .
   I owe miss Kayla a special thank you for introducing me to the blog world and connecting me with the most amazing and incredibly patient ( I'm the pain in the ass perfectionist type lol) blog designer Vaida who helped me come up with my blog design. You can follow Kaylas mommy chronicles and her two handsome boys at boyohmamasboys.blogspot.com. If you need a web designer I would highly recommend Vaida at https://www.etsy.com/shop/DotTellAnyoneDesign?ref=l2-shopheader-name



Thank You so much for following me ! I love reading and responding to all of your comments <3 Brittany