Beauty Bag Goodie Swap Reveal

This Months Beauty Bag Goodie Swap was all about creating the perfect lip! To say I am obsessed with new lippies would be an understatement! I was paired with Jessica from Life's Better Being Southern. Who doesn't want beauty tips from a southern belle that works in cosmetics...win win win for me :)

Whats in The Bag:
One| Makeup Forever makeup bag
Two| Sephora Rouge : Call Girl
Three|Baby Lips: Peach Kiss 
Four| Sephora universal lip liner

Perks of the goodies:
One| This makeup forever bag is the perfect size to carry in your purse but it has plenty of room to fit all of your daily essentials
Two| If you haven't already noticed , I'm a bright lips kinda girl and "Call Girl" packs one hell of a punch. Its the perfect bright pink lip for spring and summer


Three| Baby lips is perfect for a low key day and for anyone with dry lips ( ME!)
 Peach Kiss is a shimmery nude

Four| My life is pretty much complete now that I own this liner! I have literally worn it for the last 4 days in a row with a red, pink, nude, and a purply shade. It is the perfect solution to those messy bright colors that smudge. It prevents the lipstick from fanning out onto your skin without having to find a matching liner.

Check out the Beauty Bag participants and their goodies!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I hope that's true because lord knows I've been MIA for a few weeks now .

Here's the quick and dirty version of what's been going on . I am still having fevers and erratic temp drops along with weight loss and lymph node swelling . I have seen two more specialists ; a hematologist and an infectious disease specialist. Good news is I have no bleeding or clotting disorders which makes my risk of having a second stroke a little bit lower. The infectious disease doctor ran just about every test under the sun for very uncommon specific  diseases caused by toxins, animals ect. The two he was really concerned about were both diseases that are caused by farm animals and their shit basically....thanks Mom and Dad for moving me to the country lol. More good news, no cow shit diseases here!



Since all of these tests came back negative I have two more upcoming procedures/tests that are more in depth. Hopefully one of the two will comeback with a totally fixable, puny little problem with an easy fix  ( A girl can wish right?) As soon as this lab rat chaos starts to die down I will be able to dedicate more time to catching up on my emails, blog comments, writing, and reading all about my fav bloggers :) Thanks for sticking around and being patient during my hiatus!  


Take Over Tuesday : Aspen @ Makeover with Aspen

Its Tuesday! You know what that means...time to meet yet another amazing blogger! Meet Aspen , the gorgeous mom of two and fireman wifey who can pull off a variety of styles and hair colors...jealous? Me too! Read all about her here :)
Makeover With Aspen
Name: Aspen

Blog name: Makeover With Aspen

Where are you from? New Mexico and no, I don't speak spanish ;) 

Favorite Quote: 

How did you pick your blog title? I picked it very quick! I have thought about changing it but it seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth. Because my blog is so random and has a little bit of everything, the whole "making over my life one post at a time" just seemed to fit.

Why did you start a blog? Oh goodness...I have been blogging for YEARS but have never stuck to a blog until this one. I started Makeover With Aspen in April 2013

Where do you finding inspiration for blogging? Life! There is so much inspiration in the world and I definitely take it all in :) 

Do you have any special weekly posts? No. I have thought about doing a weekly post but I get worried that I won't be able to keep it up or I'll get bored with it and I'll feel pressured to keep it up. I do try to keep a healthy mix of lifestyle, fashion, humor, recipes and truth posts throughout the month though. 

What is your current favorite post? My favorite post right now is Cake Pop Basics {Never Trust a Cake Pop} 

Why do you read Fabulously Faint? I read Brittany's blog for the same reason I read all blogs...bloggers are amazing! There are such interesting and beautiful people in this world (like Brittany) and I just want to get to know them all! 

Three blogs you love to read? Besides Fabulously Faint I really enjoy The Honeybee by Andee Layne, Little Baby Garvin by Jessica Garvin and Cara Loren by Cara VanBrocklin

5 random facts about you:

  • I am a premed student with two crazy kiddos and a firefighter hubby
  • I want to become a mermaid...or just live on the beach
  • I am not a pinterest mom
  • I like weird smells - the airport, hospitals, gardening centers, new books and new babies
  • I love organization but sometimes I cannot seem to get organzed :) 

Thanks so much for letting me be apart of your Takeover Tuesdays! 


INSTAGRAM: aspenballard