Take Over Tuesday : Aspen @ Makeover with Aspen

Its Tuesday! You know what that means...time to meet yet another amazing blogger! Meet Aspen , the gorgeous mom of two and fireman wifey who can pull off a variety of styles and hair colors...jealous? Me too! Read all about her here :)
Makeover With Aspen
Name: Aspen

Blog name: Makeover With Aspen

Where are you from? New Mexico and no, I don't speak spanish ;) 

Favorite Quote: 

How did you pick your blog title? I picked it very quick! I have thought about changing it but it seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth. Because my blog is so random and has a little bit of everything, the whole "making over my life one post at a time" just seemed to fit.

Why did you start a blog? Oh goodness...I have been blogging for YEARS but have never stuck to a blog until this one. I started Makeover With Aspen in April 2013

Where do you finding inspiration for blogging? Life! There is so much inspiration in the world and I definitely take it all in :) 

Do you have any special weekly posts? No. I have thought about doing a weekly post but I get worried that I won't be able to keep it up or I'll get bored with it and I'll feel pressured to keep it up. I do try to keep a healthy mix of lifestyle, fashion, humor, recipes and truth posts throughout the month though. 

What is your current favorite post? My favorite post right now is Cake Pop Basics {Never Trust a Cake Pop} 

Why do you read Fabulously Faint? I read Brittany's blog for the same reason I read all blogs...bloggers are amazing! There are such interesting and beautiful people in this world (like Brittany) and I just want to get to know them all! 

Three blogs you love to read? Besides Fabulously Faint I really enjoy The Honeybee by Andee Layne, Little Baby Garvin by Jessica Garvin and Cara Loren by Cara VanBrocklin

5 random facts about you:

  • I am a premed student with two crazy kiddos and a firefighter hubby
  • I want to become a mermaid...or just live on the beach
  • I am not a pinterest mom
  • I like weird smells - the airport, hospitals, gardening centers, new books and new babies
  • I love organization but sometimes I cannot seem to get organzed :) 

Thanks so much for letting me be apart of your Takeover Tuesdays! 


INSTAGRAM: aspenballard

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  1. Take Over Tuesday is such a cute idea. I love getting introduced to new bloggers. My boyfriend is thinking about going into firefighting right now, so I loved hearing that she is married to a firefighter.


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