Health Update #2

I got released from the hospital finally !In a nutshell, I had some sort of infection but the doctors weren't able to find the initial source . They did pretty much every test under the sun trying to figure out what was wrong . The only test that came back abnormal was the adrenal test. They found that I have adrenal insufficiency ,meaning my adrenal glands don't produce the right steroid hormones to help regulate blood sugars, fluid retention,sodium levels and other important functions. I will follow up with a endocrinologist when I get back to California and most likely start hormone replacement . BAD NEWS: another illness and another pill to deal with GOOD NEWS: adrenal insufficiency can usually be treated pretty easily . I was able to reschedule my missed appointments at the POTS Treatment Center so instead of leaving Saturday I will stay until Tuesday so I can get all caught up. I feel pretty good today and as a bonus ..... Its Queen Bey Day! This Beyonce album will be responsible for hours worth chair and car dancing , I can see it already . If you missed today's Foodie Friday post check it out. Sorry for the late post .Thank you guys for all of your prayers,support, and kind words :)


  1. That's so good to hear Britt!! Let's cook when you get back and watch movies...or chair dance to Beyoncé;)

  2. Thinking of you! Very glad that the adrenal deficiency can be managed with medication. Hope you are enjoying listening to Beyonce!


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