Sharpie Mugs Tutorial

The past week since I've been back from Texas has been going really well. I have been working on my home treatment program on a daily basis and my symptoms have been slowly improving. This weekend I was able to do a few of my favorites...crafting and baking. I've been wanting to try the "Sharpie Mug " project ever since I pinned it on Pinterest a few months ago. A few weeks back my blogging friend Tearsa posted a tutorial with a few hints and tricks to achieving the perfect mug. I bought these plain white mugs at the dollar store and the Sharpie Paint Pens for just $3 at the craft store. I added a fancy candy cane and a pack of hot coco and voila a cute little DIY gift to go with the Christmas cookies.


1. Wash mugs
2.Find a pattern or design that you like and use an Oil-Based Sharpie Paint Pen to create your masterpiece
3. Bake mugs at 350 for 30 min after the mugs are completely cooled bake for another 30 minutes to ensure that the paint adheres to the cup
                         Here are a few of my completed mugs . Which one do you love?
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