Dallas Day 1

Yesterday we ( my mom and best friend came with me ) made it safe and sound to Dallas without any glitches. In the past I have had trouble on plane rides due to the pressure changes but yesterdays ride was totally fine! Today we went to the cutest little town just outside of Dallas. Grapevine is known as The Christmas Capital of Texas so the town was all lit up with some of the cutest places for photo ops. We did a little bit of window shopping in the downtown area and stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge for dinner. It is seriously every mom and kids dream resort with a huge indoor water park, arcades, laser tag, spa, kids spa, bar ,movie theater, bowling alley, every thing you could imagine to entertain the whole family.Tomorrow is Day One at the treatment center :)

My mom and I 

The three of us
The cutest little picture spot 

My mom could only come for two days before she has to leave so Andrea is staying with me in Texas for the whole two weeks of my treatment. Basically, she's the BEST best friend ever!
                                                                                                                               How cute is this little town!
                                                         My beautiful Mama and I before dinner
                                    The Great Wolf Resort . The indoor water park is HUGE! the photo on the top right is a 360  degree spiral that the indoor yellow water slide does. The water slides start inside and go outside around the side of the resort and end up back inside. I mean , as an adult I was excited to see this, I can't imagine how kids feel when they walk into this hotel !


  1. I have never met Andrea but you must tell her I love her!
    LOVE you B! xoxo

  2. These are the cutest pictures! Blessings for you during your treatment! <3


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