POTS Treatment Center

As most of you know I will be heading to Texas tomorrow to start my two week treatment program to help me learn to manage my P.O.T.S symptoms a little bit better and hopefully slow down the progression of my illness. I will be trying to post updates as often as I can to make sure to keep you all in the loop but I'm not too sure how often it'll be .Thank you all for your encouragement and interest in reading about my journey. 

On a different note , I had purchased a new product a few weeks ago called the chemo cozy . It's a sweatshirt that you can wear when you are getting infusions via port (a central line located in your chest ) or PICC(a central line placed in your upper arm. The creator of the product is a cancer survivor who came up with the idea for the sweatshirt during his chemo infusions . For those of you that aren't familiar with ports or PICCs , the line is an internal line with the tubing on the outside (kinda like an IV) since the lines are located in the chest or in the arm it makes it hard to wear any kind of jacket and as we all know hospitals can be freezing ! So he came up with a fleece sweatshirt with zippers in all the access areas that way you just thread the iv tubing through the zipper and you can stay warm! Genius! The jacket itself looks a lot like a comfy north face sweatshirt ,so it's cute and casual and doesn't scream medical supply lol .Mine came In the mail today and since it was my infusion day I thought I would try it....highly reccomend it ! It made it  so much easier than sticking the tubing down the sleeve of my sweatshirt and having the cold tubing against my arm . It would be a great gift for people getting chemo ,transfusions, or medications on a long term basis . 
     Thanks for reading ! Talk to you all soon :) 


  1. You definitely always are smiling! I wish you the absolute best this upcoming week and I'm so, so happy I found your blog!

  2. Stay positive girly, you are an amazing person! I'll be praying for you and reading all your updates. Love you!

  3. What an awesome invention. Thinking of you and hope the next two weeks are helpful. The cozy looks great on you. <3

    1. Yes . I'm a little mad at myself for not coming up with the idea haha thank you !


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