Muggin' It

In February I signed up to participate in Kailyn Marie's March Mug Swap. I love signing up for these swaps because its so much fun receiving a little treat in the mail and picking out the perfect gift for your swap partner. I got matched up with the adorable Jessica at Wifesticated. I absolutely love the mug she chose for me. I have a nurse Christmas ornament and a necklace with the nurses prayer on it that I got as graduation gifts but this is my first nursing item that I can use on a daily basis . I love the verse and colors as well. I enjoyed stalking Jess's blog to get to know her a little bit better and hopefully I chose the perfect mug for her as well! Check out her blog to see her reveal in the next few days.
Speaking of Blog Swaps, ( cue shameless plug) Kayla and I are hosting our second Beauty Bag  Goodie Swap. This months swap is all about pretty pouts: lip color, care , and tutorials.CLICK HERE to sign up We are looking forward to seeing old faces and getting to know some new ladies as well! 


  1. That is a very sweet and fitting mug for you!

  2. That's such a great mug! I love the title of the post too :)

  3. That mug is too sweet. She picked out a great one for you. And I love the colors!

  4. I love that SO much!! So happy to be back and catching up again!! Love you!


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