Oscars Fashion: Better Late than Never

Yesterday was spent being poked and prodded like some experimental lab rat so I did not have a chance to share my infinite Oscars wisdom with you. So here it is:

BEST DRESSED : Charlize Theron in Dior
The neckline, the mermaid silhouette, her bangin' body, and that surprise sheer portion of the dress made it my absolute favorite of the night. Not to mention her styling is always right on the money.Minimal jewelry , yet an enormous diamond necklace and her perfect pixie hair pair perfectly with the dress.

RUNNER UP: Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace
Joan Rivers should seriously put out a PSA about wearing capes. If you want to be on the best dressed list this year ROCK A CAPE. Lupita did it at the Golden Globes and Kate Hudson did it Sunday night at the Oscars. I mean, she always looks stunning but her Atelier Versace Gown was beyond perfect! Look at the draped cape ahhhh!

FACT: Lupita Nyong'o is one fierce lady! She is killin' it on the red carpet this season. I have been wanting to see 12 Years a Slave for a while now but lets face it her red carpet choices are what have made her ridiculously appealing this season and her Oscars look was no exception. Although her Ralph Lauren Cape Gown is my all-time favorite the icy blue Oscars gown by Prada is a close second. Besides, her brother jumped in on this star studded selfie and I love how non nonchalant he was about it I am totally qualified to be in this shot full of Hollywood's finest. Clearly he has a shit ton of confidence and I love that! 

NOT SO MUCH:Anne Hathaway
I'm just not feeling the whole armor thing

Obviously the ladies take the cake when it comes to red carpet looks but lets not forget about the men here are a few of my favorites and my not so favorite

BEST DRESSED : Matthew McConaughey
 Dolce and Gabbana does a body right! Love the black and cream contrast.

RUNNER UP : Chris Hemsworth
I have always been a fan of colored jackets and suits for men.
 I love the burgundy! I'm obviously impressed by the bow tie look this season.
NOT SO MUCH : Pharrell Williams
As if that hideous hat he's been wearing in every performance was not enough
 he decided to rock shorts on the red carpet. I'm cool with the decision to do an understated
 look but I can't handle his little chicken legs

What do you think, do ya agree with my picks?
?Who did you love? Who could you have lived without? 


  1. I loved Kate Hudson's dress too! I also loved Kim Kardashian's dress at the Elton John Party. It was bright red and so pretty!

  2. I didn't watch any of the Oscars so I'm not sure who my favs are but from you posted I like Kate Hudson, I basically just love her spirit! Matthew M. yummy! lol

  3. I didn't watch the Oscars but I did see the picture that shut down twitter and I love Matthew!! Pharrell you make enough money to afford some pants.. come on dude! Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Charlize is my favorite!!!! When I lost my hair last year, I went through a phase where I was convinced her and I were twins. (her head was shaved for a movie) And then I found out her and I share a birthday, and it was all over. She is stunning, everything about is screams style and grace. I also loved Kate Hudson's dress, but I actually would have liked it without the cape/drapey thing. Anne Hathaway's dress reminded me of her pale pink sheath from last year, same style/cut. The upside this year was that we couldnt see her nipples. Best dressed guy for me was Jared Leto. Everything about him, the scruff, the long hair, those piercing blue eyes that would look deep into my soul...

    Ahem. Good post. :-) Hope you've recovered after Monday

  5. Love Lupita's dress. And Kate Hudson's dress cape. I missed the Oscars so thanks for sharing the fashion recap! Love this :)

  6. I didn't watch the Oscars so this was fun to read. I LOVE your pics for Runner Ups! So much, that I think they should have won the Best Dressed award. Kate's dress is fantastic and Chris' suit? Yum!

  7. i loved lupita's dress! so elegant and flowy

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  8. Here from the blog hop :]
    I'm so sad I missed watching :[ But I'm glad I didnt watch because poor Leonardo didn't win anything, again. Don't think I could have handled that. ahahha!


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