Takeover Thursday : Eat Drink & Be Mary

We're switching  it up a bit this week  and moving the Take-Over to Thursday
so I can introduce the cooking, crafting, camera slingin' Mary.
Be sure to check out her blog and her Delicious Dish Tuesday Link-Up 

Name: Mary

Blog name: Eat Drink & Be Mary

Where are you from? I'm from Cali, just like Brittany, but I now live in the good ole Tar Heel State (aka: North Carolina).  And no I'm not a tar heel fan, I could care less about Carolina basketball.

Favorite Quote: I don't have a favorite, but I'm currently loving these...

How'd You Pick Your Blog Title? "Eat Drink & Be Mary" actually wasn't the first name of my blog.  I disliked the first name I came up with, but was just excited to start blogging.  Now that I've changed it I LOVE IT!  I feel like it captures what I post about on my blog, eating, drinking & being me.

Why Did You Start a Blog? I love taking pictures and baking, and this here blog gave me a place to document it all.  I read blogs for a while before starting one, and just loved the community they seemed to be apart of.

Gorilla Bread Recipe
Favorite Part of Blogging: Having all my thoughts, recipes, and adventures documented.  Plus the connections I have made with other bloggers is amazing and was unexpected.  I absolutely love the friendships I have made through blogging.

Where Do You Find Inspiration for Blogging: I look for inspiration everywhere.  Pinterest, mainly.  Man I love that thing.

Do You Have Any Special Weekly Posts: I tend to keep a general "schedule" for my blog {recipes, fashion, five on friday}.  But as far as special goes, I post recipes on Tuesdays, and just began co-hosting Delicious Dish Tuesdays {a recipe link up}.  Join us next Tuesday :)

What is Your Favorite Post: Currently my favorite post is The Look.

Why Do You Read Fabulously Faint:  Brittany posts the most delicious looking recipes weekly that always have me excited to try them in my own kitchen.  The post where she shared her recipe for Turkey Meatballs & Churro Cupcakes was a double whammy, and my personal favorite so far.  I can't wait to try both of these recipes!

3 Blogs You Love to Read:
 + The Grits Blog -- Ashley is a down to earth girl that has a great sense of style, amazing hair & I love reading her posts about her wedding.  I can be found reading her blog daily.  #noshame

+ Little Baby Garvin -- Jessica has a tell it like it is attitude that is absolutely captivating and has a great sense of humor.  That combined with her beyond adorable toddler & bumpdates have me hooked.

+ Hope in a Blog -- Hope is girl who truly loves life, and you can tell after reading just one post.  I absolutely love reading her blog, and find myself going back daily to read more.  Her personality and charisma is contagious, and she is a true girly girl.

5 Random Facts About You:
one | not a fan of chocolate, but I bake with it all the time.
two | in a long distance relationship with my college sweetheart.
three | a clogger.
four | could live off of bagels & cream cheese.
five | currently obsessed with all things gold.

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  1. LOVE THIS IDEA!! Happy Thursday!

  2. Mary is so cute. Love the title of her blog. Going to check her blog out now :)


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