Truth Is...

Truth is I have been posting a lot of "fun" posts and less and less serious posts. I initially started this blog to share my journey with chronic illness, fill in family and friends, have an outlet for myself , and to help raise awareness for P.O.T.S and other types of dysautonomia. I decided that I would be completely honest and share my good days and the bad but I've been having a hard time being honest. It's not that I'm lying but I do tend to omit some most of the "bad days".

 Yesterday I realized that I was a big fat liar when a friend txted me and asked how I was feeling. I automatically went with the standard " feeling pretty good" answer and it wasn't until after the convo ended that I realized that I'm so conditioned to give that answer that I didn't even allow myself the opportunity to tell her what was really going on. Truth is , yesterday was a rough one full of seizures and fevers.I wasn't feeling pretty good , I was feeling pretty awful actually .

Truth is this whole being open thing is harder than I thought it would be.

Truth is I need your help.  What would you like to know about dysautonomia , chronic illness , POTS ect.? Ask away ladies! After all, I started this blog to raise awareness . So from here on out I'm gonna try my best to suck it up and do it :)
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  1. It's so wonderful that you want to share your story. My question is, is POTS treatable at all?

  2. Look at you, puttin it out there! First, you have to share what you feel comfortable sharing. For me I find it much easier to put it out there on a blog,because, even if there is some judgement going on (and I'm sure there is), I dont have to hear it.
    I know there are people I say "I'm good," to and people I share the truth. It's good to have both.
    I'm sorry yesterday was so crappy for you. Are seizures caused by fluid/sodium Inbalance? I don't know much about POTS

  3. Wow, I wrote a similar post on my blog today! It is so hard not only sharing about life with our chronic illness but also knowing what to share and what not to. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

  4. Aww Brittany, I think the blog should be your outlet. It's definitely hard to share the less pleasant aspects of our lives, but I know that whether I tell a friend, my mom, or my blog about a tough day, it often helps to just let it out. Even if no one can really help; just sharing helps me. But it's totally up to you. You are so brave and so strong.

    I have a chronic illness too (ulcerative colitis) but I have been very fortunate and haven't had a flare in over a year. I usually don't tell people when I don't feel well bc the symptoms are so gross. But I do tell my mom bc she understands and has seen me at my worse. Support helps a lot.

    I think you are an inspiration. And I hope you feel better this weekend. Xo

  5. I think so many of us give the above answer of "I'm doing good" but in your case its so much different. I'm so sorry to hear that your day was full of seizures, I can only imagine how exhausted your body must feel like. I love reading and hearing about any of your stories, whether they be happy, funny ones or the gritty real life ones. I am true friend and follower of your blog so let it out when you need to.


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