Missing out and Making up for it

The most annoying part about being sick is missing out on things that you want to do. I have always been a planner through and through. The kinda girl that has a to-do list for everything and never is too busy to say yes to more plans. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case anymore.

Last week was extremely rough symptom wise and I spent most of the week in bed trying to avoid the inevitable fainting spells. I was hoping that after my IV Infusion I would start feeling better because I had plans for the weekend.My little brother had to go up to University Reno Nevada for a baseball camp to show off his skills to the University coaches ( basically, he's a stud !) and I had planned on going up with he and my mom so I could visit with my cousin and her sweet baby girl who live in Reno. Well, infusion day came and went and no improvements in how I felt. A few months ago I would have pushed my stubborn self to go but I have learned that sometimes it just makes for more of a hassle for everyone and I would end up feeling even worse. So instead I decided to stay home for the weekend. At first I was bummed out of course but thanks to my amazing friends I was still able to have a great weekend.

When I decided to stay home a few of my friends came over to have sushi and watch movies for the night. Plans changed a little bit when the UPS guy showed up with my latest Scentsy order which included 5 different parties! We definitely had our work cut out for us lol. So we created a little assembly line and cranked it out while watching Law & Order SVU re-runs(all three of us are pretty much obsessed and yes sometimes I think Olivia and Elliot are my friends).One of my girls decided to spend the night and the next morning we layed low since I wasn't feeling too hot. By afternoon I had enough strength to grab lunch and take a quick shopping trip in my wheelchair. I was on a mission to find some scarves that would allow me to cover up my port without sacrificing fashion and of course I ended up at MAC and snagged a gorg new lipliner "Currant" to match my current favorite lipstick "Rebel".


Sunday I got out my Cricut-an absolute must have for the avid crafter or scrapbooker!-and worked on my brothers junior scrapbook .He's a senior now and it's almost baseball season again so I gotta hurry and catch up! Even though it wasn't exactly what I had planned I was able to still have a good weekend without pushing myself to the next level of sick.

Moral of the story : staying home doesn't mean you have to miss out completely

Thank you for reading and following along :)


  1. Aw I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like you have some pretty amazing friends! And thanks for the tip on the cricut. I'd love to be more crafty and any tools can help!

    1. I am very lucky in that I have so many supportive people in my life :)Its a little pricey but ii's definitely worth it and it takes your crafts to the next level! Thank you for reading and following :)

  2. I hope too that you start feeling better. You are fabulous my dear and beautiful too!

  3. Thank you Amanda ! Thanks for following me , I love you blog as well!

  4. Your Baseball pages are adorable! I hope you are feeling better and having a good week!


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