Takeover Tuesday: Kayla

Today I am hosting my very first Takeover Tuesday, a day where I will feature bloggers that I love so that you too can get a taste of why I love their blog so much !Please comment an let me know if you would like to featured on next weeks post ;)Today I have the pleasure of introducing my lovely friend Kayla at Boy Oh {Mamas} Boys She is the amazing mama of two little handsomes and her blog is all about the mama life

Name: Kayla Christine Dolen (My friends call me Kay)

I'm from: California

Blog Name: Boy oh {Mamas}Boys!

How'd you choose your blog title: ....It is what they are ;)

What was your inspiration to start a blog: I started out wanting to share moments with everyone I know because I was asked multiple times through my FB posts to tell my stories through blogging and it turned into falling in love with people I've never met! I love my IG/Blogging mama group!

Where do you find your inspiration for your posts: through other moms that are similar to me

Three favorite blogs and why :
1. Little Baby Garvin -- Jessica is so creative and such the ultimate supermom! She recently started following me through IG and that might have just made my blogging/IG life;) 

2.Hello Newlywed Life--Megan is a sweet mama to Sofia, the best meal planner around and she gives me some good laughs through her blogging stories!!

3. Little Gem --This mama cooks, bakes and shares all her goodie recipes!! Her life as a mama is so precious and fun to read about!!  

5 random facts about you:
1. I'm a neat freak.
2. I love being on the go.
3.I live off of coffee.
4.I'm not a chocolate lover.
5.I could get lost in a good book.

What's your favorite quote: The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more,that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds .and that's what you've given me.That's what I'd hoped to give to you forever -Nicholas Sparks

Why do you read FabulouslyFaint: to keep up with Brittany's story and because I love her Foodie Fridays


  1. I love that you two did a "Tuesday Takeover!"

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    2. Thank you :) if you would like to be my takeover for next week I would love it :)

  2. Omg! You choose me as one!? How generous are you! I love that, hun <3

    1. Of course I did!!;) Gotta check up on my favorite girls & drool over your cooking/baking posts!!

  3. sweet blog



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