Crafting with an insomniac

It is 5 am and i have yet to go to sleep , thank you chest pain and heart palpitations for reuniting me with my good friend insomnia! Instead of wowing you with a 5 am selfie starring my lions mane and golf ball sized eyes I figured I'd spare you all and share a tutorial for my fav DIY gift: personalized wreaths

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What you'll need:

twig wreath
artificial flowers 3 large or 2 large and 2-4 small 
wooden letter or word of your choice
acrylic paint
burlap ribbon 
glue gun

Step 1: Cut down flowers so that the stems are long enough to pierce through the wreath and leave about 1/2 inch sticking out 
Step 2: Paint your letter or word with a color that pairs well with your flower choices. A neutral tan is a good choice because it goes well with most color schemes and keeps that rustic feel
Step 3: While your painted letter is drying start assembling your wreath with the flowers. Stick the stems through the twigs in an arrangement that is visually appealing. The stems of fake flowers will be secured by the twigs so there is no need for glue of anything for this step
Step 4: Glue small pieces of fabric (I use pieces of burlap ribbon) and wire together then glue to fabric wrapped wire to the back of your letter or word
Step 5: thread wires through the twigs of your wreath and twist in the back to secure your letter to the wreath
Step 6: create a bow if you'd like and thread wire through the back of the bow and twist into twigs just like you did with the letter

and there you have it , the perfect gift for any occasion and a quick project to beautify your front door:)What crafty projects have you been working on lately?
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  1. Those vine-y wreaths are my favorite, and yours looks so good! Gotta love burlap. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They are my favorite too, I love dressing them up but keeping the natural feel. Thank you!

  2. Oh man!! Crafty I am NOT but I would love to try this!!! ...with your help... Okay, just make me one.Lol! ;)

    1. lol I see a Joanne's trip in our near future ;)

  3. Love your wreath babe! I've never attempted making one but maybe I think I can now. Sorry about your insomnia! I have terrible sleeping issues too! I should give you my # so we can text each other in odd hours of the morning ;)

    1. yes ma'am sounds like a plan! Try one , I promise it's simple.

  4. Love this! Is it bad if I want to make one for myself instead of giving it as a gift?? :-P

    1. No way, I made the first one for myself too haha

  5. These are so beautiful, they look store bought! When I put effort into things, I can be crafty, but I doubt I'd ever do anything like this without being prompted. I used to be a huge scrapbooker. I've been wanting to do a scrapbook for my wedding... we are about celebrate our 6th anniversary. Maybe I should get on that.
    Have you ever thougha bout opening at Etsy shop?

  6. I love scrap booking too. I bought the Cricut machine last year and barely used it until recently. Crafting is something I can do on my sick days from bed or on my Infusion days when I'm stuck inside all day. I have never really thought about it but I'm flattered that you think these are Etsy worthy!


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