Take-Over Tuesday: Shadia

Its Tuesday and you know what that means! Time for a Take-over with Shadia from Baby Button BrownI love DIY ideas and seeing the way other people craft and decorate their homes. Shadia's Christmas projects caught my eye and I've been reading ever since. Not to mention her photos of her little man are always too cute to handle! Head over to her blog and check her out!
What's your name? Shadia
Where are you from? Texas! Where we hardly ever get snow so send some over if you have it! :)
A quote that you love or that describes you:  “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Dr Wayne Dyer
What's your blog name? Baby Button Brown
Why did you start blogging? When I became a mother in 2013, I was dying to find a way to be able to document my experience as a mom and wife. I had created an account a long time ago because I love writing but never got around to it until then!
How'd you pick your blog name? We call our son Button (read story here), and decided this blog was mostly about him and to document his little life so why not name it after him but the blog is about that and more!
What's your favorite part of blogging? It's sort of a release for all my thoughts and feelings and being able to put it into words feels good! Aside from the fact that one day my son can look back and read it. I also love all the people I have met through blogging, I love reading their stories.
Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts? My son, being a wife, a working mama, my love for cooking, everything!
Do you have any special weekly posts and/or favorites? I love writing but sometimes it's a little hard with work and a baby but I try to do a love list and monthly baby update.
What are your three favorite blogs to read and why? 
Little Baby Garvin- Jessica is seriously the most creative, coolest mama ever! I get a lot of inspiration for everything from her.
Wifessionals- Kaitlyn always has the best advice! Her posts are always so deep and thoughtful. I love this blog.
First Comes Love-  Jen is such a cool mom and her photography is beautiful!! I love reading about her beautiful daughter, her DIY's among other awesome things she writes about.
Why do you read Fabulously Faint? Brittany is such an inspiration. Besides, being an Oncology nurse is so cool! Her recipes are mouth watering and I just love her outlook on life. I'm so glad I met her!!
5 random facts about you that you think readers would enjoy hearing:
1. I am a graphic designer but I work in a company where I help people with disabilities. Total 180 in careers but I love it.
2. I really, really, really wanted to be a fashion or interior designer. I still hope to be that one day.
3. I used to be a party animal, if you saw me now, you would never think that haha.
4. Being a mother made me an entirely new person. All my friends and people around me always talked about this and I never knew the feeling until I had Elliot. It's the most rewarding experience of my life!
5. I love Target. It's more of an obsession. They have the best stuff for every part of the house as well as cute clothes for baby and me! I love, love, love that store. Terrible. ;)
Thank you Brittany for letting me participate! Don't forget to follow be on Bloglovin' and Instagram! (@shadiabrown).

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  1. Awww you're one of my favorite blogs to read as well! I'm in love with your home :)
    And Target is so addicting!!! I'm kind of glad that our nearest one is a 30 minute drive.....

  2. I love DIY inspirations. Going to check out her blog now :-)


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