Take Over Tuesday : Linzi

I finally get the chance to share one of my favorites with you all! Her name is Linzi and she is the writer of Little Gem, a blog all about her two little ladies and all things girly! Go check her out , you won't be disappointed! Make-up tutorials -check ( I mean seriously..how perfect are her brows?) Recipes-check Sweetness- Check Realness-Check . Head over to her blog you will love it!

What's your name? Linzi Scarsella

Where are you from? I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington

What's your favorite quote? "When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that's love"- Lana Del Rey 

What's your blog name? Little Gem

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging with the encouragement of family and friends. I had been reading blogs for about one year prior.

How'd you pick your blog name? I choose Little Gem because that is how I think of my girls. I wanted to include them in the name since a lot of my blogging was going to be about them.

What's your favorite part of blogging?My favorite part about blogging is being able to connect with other ladies. I have made some great friends through this process.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts? I find inspo in my everyday life, whether it be my girls and growing pains. Or cooking something yummy and wanting to share. I also love makeup, especially the affordable kind.

Do you have any special weekly posts?I don't have any special weekly posts but I try to do at least one recipe a week I think my friends would like to re-create!

Three fav blogs to read and why ? I love and follow quite a few blogs! The ones that I started reading in the beginning were Little Baby Garvin and The Honeybee.

Why do you read Fabulously Faint?I read Fabulously Faint because I love Britt! She is beautiful, cheerful, and creative! I love her recipes and her candidness about her POTS. When I found out she was a dancer with D.K. I was obsessed!

5 Random Facts about you:
1. I love cake and cupcakes, I cannot pass them up, ever!
2. I am in love with the Twilight series! I think Bella and Edward are so romantic.
3. I'm totally blind without contacts or glasses. I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade.
4. I've never met my dads side of the family from Cambodia.
5. I have my oldest daughters named tattooed on my arm, I still need to get my youngest name. I feel horrible about it too, she is 2 now!

Thank You for Joining us Linzi!!! Visit Little Gem to read Fabulously Faint's answers. Contact me to participate in a Take Over Tuesday!

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  1. So cute. I've been reading lovely Linzi's blog but I didn't know all these facts.

    Love that quote. That's how I feel about my boyfriend.

    Love your take-over Tuesdays, Brittany!

    1. You & your boyfran are gonna make cute babies!!

  2. My beautiful bestie!!!!!! Of course I love this post!!!! :)

  3. Great interview! Loved reading all the answers and I really like your blog name too, Linzi :)

  4. Awesome! I love the blog name, really sweet!

    1. Isn't it! Her girls are too sweet so it is totally fitting !


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