Destruction vs. Defeat

Here I am again stuck in bed with yet another infection and another POTS flare up.I know that I have a chronic illness that will never go away and logically I know that I am prone to illness and infection but I still think about the possibility that some day my body will no longer be this vulnerable. I started getting a little cough and chest cold on Friday and by Monday it had turned into Pneumonia . I just can't help but think when will this ever end ? Days like this I feel absolutely defeated . Like no matter what I do things will never get better. Whenever I feel like giving up I read through the journal that I started while I was in the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Center recovering from my stroke. Re-reading it always provides me with the strength to keep going and reminds me of just how far I've come. I have realized that my fragile body and delicate immune system may face destruction on a regular basis but it has not been defeated. Destruction is a physical act but defeat can not happen unless you allow it to. As long as you continue to fight you can never be defeated. I'm going to try my very best to look at future challenges in this way. Thank ya'll for allowing me to share my story and for continuing to read :)


  1. Sending you a big virtual hug! I wish there was something we/you could do to get relief. I hope you have someone close by to help take care of you.

  2. Get better soon!!! You're right, you're only defeated if you allow yourself. Hold your head up!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! :) Xoxo

  3. Prayers for you to get well soon! Keep your head high! You can do this! A journal is always a good thing to have so you can look back on it an see how far you've come. :)

  4. I like this way of thinking about challenges: not being defeated. I have a chronic illness too and I've also found that journaling helps remind me I had the strength to get through tough times before and I can do it again.

    You are so strong and I'm thinking of you and hoping you feel well so soon. <3

  5. Great outlook and attitude :-)



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