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     Day 13 of #BlogeverydayinFeb is a good one folks! Favorite Quote.I love quotes inspirational ones, funny ones, biblical ones, life lessons ect. I am the type that remembers useless information such as movie lines and song lyrics and like to spew them out when I feel its appropriate...usually noone has any idea what the hell I'm talking about but occasionally I find someone that s on the same page as me and can fire back the next line of the movie or the song....it totally makes my day ...nerd alert! When I'm having a shitty day I like to look at quotes that will tell me to suck it up and move on in some way whether it be sweet and inspiring or sarcastic and blunt ( kinda depends on just how shitty I'm feeling) Seeing that I'm a quote-a-holic I figured I'd share a few of my favorite more appropriate ones.     
This is the quote that is at the bottom of my family crest. I love all that the quote stands for and I think its pretty cool that it can be found underneath my last name on our Irish Crest. So cool, in fact, that I have this quote tattooed on my left shoulder. After all it wouldn't be right if I didn't embrace my  roots... any excuse for a new tattoo right? :)
 It's easy to say " don't be judgmental" but the truth of the matter is we are all guilty of judging people. The way they act, the way they look, we judge what they say ...we all do it. Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves that we aren't the only ones  "going through it" . That's all there is to it.Take a step back and remember to just be kind . Period . The end. 

This is one of my favorite quotes and truly captures the reason why I went into nursing. People always ask me why I decided to be an Oncology nurse. Isn't it sad seeing people dying all day? Why would you ever want to do that? Are you crazy? Well yes, we all know I'm crazy but not for this reason. Here's why  I chose Oncology: I am not going to be able to help make every single patient get better but I can help make them feel better. Like my favorite guy who had stage 4 cancer , who's loving  and scared, and protective wife refused to let him have any sugar because it wasn't healthy. He loved Orange Fanta I mean the kind of love that makes you down a 16 oz soda in the matter of minutes. His rule breaker of a nurse (guess who) would sneak him Orange Fantas every few days , why because he wanted it and it made him feel better. When he was discharged his wife wrote me a letter thanking me for his care and in the letter she stated . "No Name insisted that I let you know that you should be the next Fanta Girl. I told him that would be weird to write but he insisted so here I am sharing this bit of information with you" . Even though his wife had no clue what he was trying to tell me , No Name and I both knew what that meant !Yep ,that's why! 

What's your favorite quote? Why do you like it so much?

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  1. Oh Britt, what a fantastic post! I too, bust out in random movie quotes, and usually most people dont know what I'm talkin about! I adore the story of your patient, and I'm totally going to call you the Fanta Girl!


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