Throw it in the bag : Confessions of a lipstick hoarder

Today is Day 12 of Bailey Jean's #blogeverdayinfebruary  challenge and today's post is "What's in your bag" . When I opened my beloved Micheal Kors bag I knew I would find some meds, a wallet, sunglasses, some random receipts, gum wrappers and change sprawled out along the bottom of my purse and a probably a lipstick or two . What did I find? 5 Lipsticks, 4 glosses, and a chapstick. It's pretty safe to say I have a lip obsession!Even though I'm virtually home bound and live in yoga pants and sweatshirts I have been known to parade around the house with a bright red lip ,messy bun, IV pole in tow because folks I'm THAT GIRL .

Here's whats in the bag.......
The bag: Jet Set Gathered Tote |Michael Kots
I.Magenta wallet | Coach
II. Aviators | Ralph Lauren
III. Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm | EOS
IV. Winter mint Gum | Orbit
V. Daisy rollerball perfume | Marc Jacobs
VI.Hand Lotion | Aveno
VII. Rescue meds
VIII. Hand sanitizer | Purell
IX. Lipglasses | MAC
     Top to bottom : Pink Lemonade Lipglass
                            Playful Petal Cremesheen Lipglass
                            Double Dare Cremesheen Lipglass
                            Flare for Fantasy Cremesheen Lipglass
X. Lipsticks | MAC
     Left to right :
                    Up The Amp
                    Creme D'nude
                    Sounds Like Noise
                    Riri Woo
                    Girl About Town 

Whats in your bag? What are your "throw it in the bag" items?


  1. First, fabulous bag! Second, great choice of lip colors--they are all so pretty. I always have several in my bag and in my pocket and in my desk and on my nightstand...well everywhere. I also keep useless amounts of hair ties and bobby pins. Alot of other stuff must be in my bag's bottom cause it weighs a ton but I can't help it.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I find random hair ties everywhere I turn.It's a girl thing lol

  2. That's my girl! I love lippies too. Pretty colors, if I make it out soon I know what my first MAC lipstick will be. My bag of full of way to much crap ;) love your MK

    1. Thanks girly! You must try one you will love it and it lasts forever!

    2. I just realized your "Throw it in the Bag" pun! I thought it sounded familiar! ;)

  3. That's a lot of lipstick! I always carry sanitizer around too! Love the purse!

    1. And these were just the ones in my purse! I'm tellin' ya I am in obvious need of an intervention! Thank you :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I am that lipstick person, too! I'm actually surprised that I don't have multiple tubes stashed away in my purse. But I definitely put on lipstick on those nights when I'm staying home and have an enjoyable time being fabulous. I'm convinced that lipstick has some magical powers, for sure! Also, I love your Michael Kors bag! -Tessa


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