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Miss Bailie From Anchored in Love Divine has created a Blog Everyday in February Challenge You know those Photo a Day challenges on Instagram? It's basically the same concept but with a writing prompt with a blog post idea for each day in Feb. It was Feb 3rd when I found the challenge but was intrigued by the prompts and beyond exited to take on the challenge. Well, I must confess I have failed miserably every time I have attempted the photo a day challenges and this seems to be starting off the same way. I always have good intentions but clearly I have commitment issues ;) So in true Brittany fashion I am here to try to redeem myself  , short n sweet Q&A style and hopefully I will succeed at future blog everyday in Feb posts :)

/One/ Your Story/
I am a normal twenty something girl with dreams, aspirations, spunk, and a chronic illness who started a blog to raise awareness and share my story.If you want to read about how I ended up in this crazy fun blog world Here it is .

/Two/What fires you up/
I am most passionate about family, friends, dance,music and nursing. These things all fire me up in the good ,crazy, fun,loud ,lively kinda way. Judgmental people, rudeness, and lack of compassion for other people fire me up in the "I wanna knock you out" kinda way.

/Three/ Something that scares you/
The thought of my illness taking over and not being able to fulfill goals and dreams

/Four/ The story behind your blog name/
I started this blog to share my story of chronic illness and spread awareness. I wanted a name that related directly to my illness . Fainting is one of my main symptoms...and what girl doesn't want to be fabulous?!

/Five/ A movie or book review/
I literally just watched The Butler last night and was very impressed. I am usually a comedy and chick flick kind of girl and tend to stay away from movies that you actually need to pay attention to to understand whats going on but being that I love movies inspired by true stories I thought I'd give it a chance. I loved the movie and its inspiring story about a butler who served in the white house for 8 presidential terms. The acting was excellent and the story line was inspiring,heartbreaking,and triumphant all at the same time.

/Six/Make-up must haves/
1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer provides perfect coverage for the non-foundation wearer
2.Mac Liquid Eye-Liner is perfect for everyday or for creating winged eyeliner
3. They're real .I have seriously been asked if I was wearing fake lashes so many times thanks to this mascara
4.Naked 3 is so worth the money! Nooner and Mugshot are my favs
5. My life is just not complete without a bright, bold,statement lip! My current favs are Heroine and Costa Chic by Mac

/Seven/ A public encouragement
Because everyone needs a little bit of encouragement sometimes. You never know what type of battles someone is currently fighting

/Eight/Music that moves you/
I' m a music junkie! My playlist looks like I am a confused girl who has no clue what she wants! It's full of Hip-Hop,Country,Reggae,R&B,Pop,Christian,Alternative,Rock,New shit, and Old school . There is a little something for every occasion. Blogging requires some old school favorites...here's a little taste for ya
Candy Rain by Soul For Real on Grooveshark So Into You by Tamia on Grooveshark Salt-N-Pepa - Whatta Man [1993] by Top 250 Hits of 90s on Grooveshark
/Nine/A Day in the Life/
A day in the life of Brittany includes lots of movie watching and book reading, IV infusions, it's likely to have some baking and cooking, crafting, and some sort of family and/or friends time

/Ten/What are you learning this season/
In this season of my life I have learned
1. Not to take the little things for granted
2.Life doesn't always go as planned..roll with it anyway
3.Amidst of all this chaos in this world there are still so many genuinely good and caring people...don't give up on humanity

Thanks for reading my catch up posts and stay tuned for some actual daily posts! Join in on the fun by visiting clicking on the button below!

 Blog Everyday in February


  1. I love reading your posts! Your music selection today was on point! I use to listen to that Tamia song non stop! Just a little tid bit of info for you; in my 8th grade talent show my friends and I lip synced and danced to S&P's Shoop ;)

  2. OMG this tid-bit of info made me fall in love with you! I knew we were friends for a reason !

  3. Love this! I use that mascara too. I recently ran out and need to buy more. My lashes are sad.

    My favorite is #10 of your lessons learned. I definitely agree with everything you said. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the little things. And life never goes as planned (and I'm a huge planner), so I have to keep this one in mind too.

    Great post, Brittany!

    1. Yes, The letting things play out on their own part has been difficult but my stubborn self is finally getting there lol I have tried other mascara's just because I'm a lashes junkie but I always come back to this one!

  4. Ihave so many wonderful things to say about this post... but all I can think of is... "Do you ever dreeeeeeeaaaam of? Candy coated raindrops?"

    Looking forward to reading these daily posts!

    1. I love a girl who's on the same page as me! Play a song for me and all I can do is replay the lyrics in my head over and over lol

  5. Hey there! Great blog! :D Will you stop by mine sometime? It would mean a lot if you could let me know what you think ^_^ Keep in touch!

  6. I love this!! I love So Into You by Tamia. It takes me back! I've always wanted to wear lipstick but haven't found a color that works for me. :)

    1. Tamia is one of my favorites! Start with something neutral and it'll get easier to venture out and try some brighter colors as you go. You have such pretty skin that alot of warmer tones will look good on you!


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