Beauty Bag Goodie Swap Reveal

Yesterday when I checked the mail I was so excited to see that my Beauty Swap Goodie Bag had arrived!Last month Kayla from Boy{oh mamas}Boys! and I hosted our very first Beauty Bag Swap that was based on Fancy Fingers and eye popping polishes. I randomly paired each participant with another and each pair got to know each other over the next week or so and then filled a bag with 3-5 nail based goodies to ship to their bloggin' buddy. My partner was the beautiful Linzi from Little Gem.The bag I received from Linzi was totally right up my alley! I received two gorgeous polishes, a much needed cuticle cream, and two of the cutest nail files in existence.

   Whats in the bag:

I.Essie Tart Deco -a pretty peachy-coral perfect for spring
II.Essie She's Pampered-I've been looking for the perfect red for Valentines day and Amira 
(Linzi's little)picked it out so that makes it that much cuter
III Two bath and body works nail files is floral patterns
IV. Sally Hansen cuticle cream

I had so much fun hosting this Beauty Bag Goodie Swap and can't wait to see what everyone scored in their bags :)


  1. Awesome stuff! This is inspiring me to do my nails a nice red color!

  2. I'm so happy you liked it all. Those nail files were a must!

  3. Absolutely love your colors!! I can't wait to send Michelle hers!

  4. So cute! I definitely need some cuticle cream....mine are terrible :-/

    1. I like this one it's not slimy at all like some of the others are.

  5. These goodie bag swaps are so fun! I could really use the cuticle cream, I have a horrible habit of peeling mine off

    Makeover With Aspen

    1. We will be having our second swap in March so keep an eye out .I'd love to have you join :)


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